Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Unit 3!! Enviroment Ideas

With the previous Unit 2 finished, we get to start Unit 3: Environment. This made me think its a pretty easy thing to do until the words, "Uncanny" and "Unheimlich" kept cropping up. The only thing that Uncanny had reminded me of was the Uncanny X-men which is totally something off topic to this unit(after reading them which my flatmate had lent to me) but looking further into these definitions gives me the idea of things in opposite atmospheres, where things aren't meant to be in places where they should be. These kind of gives the feeling of uneasiness, insecure and weird!!

Anyways, I have put up a selection of images onto an influence map as we get to choose any setting we want to design- looking at modern and old buildings and also I am hoping to use Edward Hopper as my main influence especially his works "House on the Railroad", the beach image and most interesting, "Chair Car" which has comfort chairs in the train to depict comfort and secure. I hope to use this and create something in this style only to depict uneasiness, insecure and weird.

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  1. Hey Joey, great to see you've made a good start to the project, unlike your Frizzy Creative Partner!! (sorry - work will be uploaded by the end of the day!) I love the fact you're using Edward Hopper as a major influence - love his bold style. I think you should also look into other artists too to gain more influences - Joseph Cornell, Annie Leibovitz, Julian Beever?! (unsure if the last artist is relevant but either way his work is amazing definitely work checking out). Hope my first comment as a creative partner has been helpful and looking forward to what's coming next :)