Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Life Drawing Class: Week 10

Today was basically free style, where we could use any kind of materials and do them in any way we wanted to. Before the lesson, Charlotte suggested the idea of using coloured pencils to show areas of warm and cold on the models. I gave this a go using orange and purple pencils to begin with as I think that they stand out better than yellow. We've also have 2 models in one room which was quite rare.

So starting with the usual 2 mins sketch warm ups, only doing these for 3 to 4 mins instead. I began experimenting with the two pencils and focusing on the tones and how it show be represented as like the male model in purple with orange highlights and so on. It was pretty fun experimenting around with this.

So experimenting further, I thought I should include other colours as well like reds and yellows but this became hard as the yellow seemed to bright as well as limiting the highlights, shadows and mid tones as I have four colours to focus on. But apart from that it looks pretty interesting.

To finish up for the day we did another sketchup of the two models. This time, only limiting myself with two or three pencils, the results looks much better. At first I've only used orange and yellows for the male model but  Tutor Chris suggested that I should use the purple as well as it helps make the image more stand out which it did. The female model I was quite happy with from the way it turned out until the bench as I've used other colours like blue and red before changing to red and green which didn't go as expected.Apart from all that, today was really fun!

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  1. Lol glad I inspired something creative :D. Really like the last two ^^