Monday, 30 April 2012

Unit 6: Commission- cancer and normal cell designs

Here are more character designs for both Cancer (left) and the normal cells (right). I've based these from looking at the influence maps such as the jelly, tentacles and the idea of having a nucleus. So far with the cancer cells, I am liking numbers 2,3 and 4 and with the normal cells, I am liking numbers 9 and 13 mainly because of the happy, peaceful type.

Unit 6: Commission- Tentacles and Jelly influence map

Here are more influence maps of tentacles and of jelly- like haribo sweets as suggested by TutorPhil. I've put them all in an influence map just to make things a bit easier as well as being the main focus for the next set of character designs. For the jelly- haribos, I've looked at the gummy bears, rings and the eggs since they could relate to the nucleus idea. The tentacles are mainly of octopus and a sealife creature for the idea for the cancer cell.

Sunday, 29 April 2012

Unit 6: Commission- Normal Bone cell character designs

Here are some character designs for my normal bone cell character basing its shape from the influence map. I feel that having them in a normal cell shape (Oval) would be easier to show that its a normal bone cell. So far I'm liking number 3 and 6, because 3 could be seen as a cell minding its own business being at peace before becoming a cancer cell and for 6 because its a calm happy little cell.

Unit 6: Commission- Bone cancer cell character designs

Here are some Bone cancer character designs based on my influence maps. I've thought about how the character could be expressed as a bad one by the evil expressions and the body shape either round shape like a cell or with tendrils ready, to snatch/ grab and corrupt a normal cell. I've also included a colour sheet of them based on the colours from my influence map.

Without colour

Basic Colour sheet. (patterns, effects etc will be added in later)

Unit 6: Commission- Bone and cancer cell influence map

Here is another influence map of normal bone cells and bone cancer cells. Here I am looking at the basic shape and some palette colours in order to create my characters.

Unit 6: Commission- Art style influence map

Here is my updated influence map. I want to recreate the Disney style where the characters are suited for all audiences. 

Saturday, 28 April 2012

Unit 6: Commission- Change of topic

I have decided to change my area topic to one of the common types of Bone Cancer, Osteosarcoma which mostly occurs in children. The reason for the change was because the "behind the nose cancer" is quite rarely heard of and since it only occurs in adults, it didn't quite suit well aiming for the general audience especially to kids as it might become too complicated and too serious for kids to understand.

So to keep with the idea of general audience (both adults and children), I've chosen Osteosarcoma. Again the art style would be in the likes of Disney films like UP (and others) where the style is acceptable for all audiences.
Osteosarcoma (Bone Cancer) Research

Thursday, 26 April 2012

Unit 6: Commission- cell and cancer character designs

Here are some character designs for both cancer and normal cells. I thought of the cancer cells to have some tendrils in connection with a part in the story/ script where it grows and spreads, whereas the normal cells would maybe look sleeping? I've also included a "mock up" concept art as an example where normal cells are at peace until the cancer cells interrupts and begins to spread. Feedback would be much appreciated!! :D

Cancer cells design

Normal cells design

A mock up concept where cancer begins to spread onto normal cells. (based on cancer design 1 and normal cell designs 1 and 6)

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Unit 6: Commission- Script draft 1

Script draft 1

Just while its still fresh in my head!! :D

Unit 6: Commission- Character styles influence map

After speaking to TutorPhil I have decided to change the genre and audience for my story, making it a family friendly audience. I've decided to change the genre because after looking at my Maya cancer character, I felt that the "cute chibi" idea was good, but it overtook the focus of being a baddie. Though stylewise I have thought about looking at cartoons that may  have a hero/ villain kind of character as the purpose for my animation is to create awareness since this form of cancer is rare and unknown. So far I have looked at the bacteria from the Domestos advert, Monsters Inc, monsters from Scooby Doo and Ghost Busters.

Unit 6: Commission- Research

Malignant Neoplasms of the Nasopharynx

Thought it would be easier to present this in a powerpoint!! :D

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Unit 6: Commission- Quick Maya cancer cells

Just a little experiment on Maya in attempting to create a chibi style Cancer Cell (Thanks for the suggestion Sammy!! :D) I've made one here just to see would the style work on 3D instead of 2D, I've just duplicated one model and inverted its colour. I hope to use bright colours to show the good and bad cells.

Monday, 23 April 2012

Unit 6: Commission- New beginning and idea

Wow!! It's kinda scary thinking that time has gone by really quick and to be already in the last unit of this year! After being given the Unit 6 brief introduction a few weeks back in the middle of Unit 5, we were introduced to  Dr Peter Klappa who taught us about the process of cells which can either lead to aging process or cancer. These were the two topics that we had to choose from as they're the most talked about topic within these few years.

So I have chosen to do "Malignant Neoplasm of Nasopharynx"!!

...Long name but basically it is cancer that is found around the Sinus area (back of the nose).

I thought this would be something interesting to look at because apparently  this form of cancer is most commonly found among Asian people. 

However audience wise I might go for a younger audience and as for art style wise, I'm thinking of doing them in a cartoon style but this still needs more thinking!

Sunday, 22 April 2012

Major Blog Revamp!!

Ta-Da!! Just thought about the whole "look smart" idea made me do some major revamp to the blog and change from the "cat sitting on the cloud" look.The whole image shows the units from this year from unit 1 with the zebra right down to unit 5's penny farthing. Hopefully by the end of unit 6 I can add another "icon" to the image!! ^_^

Time Machine Essay & updated Sympossium

Time Machine Essay Avatar and Romanticism

Friday, 6 April 2012

Myopic Penny Farthing cycle- test 2

Hellos!! Hope everyone's having a good Easter, I'm posting another penny farthing cycle with some changes made. After speaking to Tutor Phil and Animation Meg the bike needed more dynamism on the wheels and the bike frame. Meg pointed out that within the cycle there is a rhythm of how things or parts move, which at first, my cycle's parts all have rhythms different from each other. She mentioned that I should think of how vehicles travel and perform a sudden stop- causing a jerky like effect as since the bike's wheels are dented, it would perform in this way. So here is the newly fixed cycle and the pedals in the right direction! ^_^