Monday, 31 March 2014

Major Project: The Carnival of The Animals Pre-viz draft 04

Draft 04 of my pre-viz, made some minor changes but also added another coloured abstract sequence for a better transition around 00:34:00. I've tried playing around with the timing of how each segment should appear but this leaves too little time to progress to the next shot.

Sunday, 30 March 2014

Major Project: WWF ending lines

While I'm refining the pre-viz, I have been thinking of phrases to use to complete the animation whilst having the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) logo on. Here are some phrases I've came up with:
  • Each species on our planet plays a role in the Carnival. Let's keep the Carnival alive
  • Animal extinction is the greatest threat to mankind...
  • Time is running out, don't drain out the colours.
  • Extinction is forever, colour them while you can- time is running out.
  • Their colours will be gone and forgotten if we don't act now.
I've also found some quotes about endangered/ extinct animals as well:

"We share this planet with many species. It is our responsibility to protect them, both for their sakes and our own."
- Pamela A. Matson,

"Endangered species are our friends." - Yao Ming

Thursday, 27 March 2014

Major Project: The Carnival of The Animals Pre-viz draft 03

Slightly more changes made this time, paying more focus this time changing the middle section around 00:27:00 mark. I've experimented around with the shaders to achieve the coloured silhouettes and test rendered these which I'm quite happy with the outcome :D

Silhouette sequence test renders:

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Life Drawing Class: Week 18

Focusing on shapes and patterns today in Life Drawing class based on a structure made by TutorPhil, we were given the opporunity to use any kind of media and like last week's lesson, to get loose! :D 

For the first piece, to get familiar with the setting, I've started this piece in chalk pastels. This piece lasted nearly an hour - I think!! Just like last week's lesson, I guess having too much fun doing this piece that I've forgotten how long it took! :D

For the next fun bit, I've used some inks and tape together as a play on outlining shapes from one and another. This piece roughly lasted for an hour and a half.  Its fun and interesting seeing the results especially when taking the tape out! :D
With tape

Monday, 24 March 2014

Major Project: The Carnival of The Animals Pre-viz draft 02

Draft two of my pre-viz. Most scenes were in need of improving and or changing. The Elk's walk cycle isn't fixed just yet but will be done soon! :D I think around 00:35:00 mark it could have a better transition rather than a quick change? As always, feedback are welcomed!! :D

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Life Drawing Class: Week 17

Today's life drawing is about light and shadows based on a still life structure that TutorPhil had made. Using various kinds of media, we are given a choice to either draw what we see, or use the structures and shadows casted onto the structure or from the walls to create life forms, patterns etc. 

For the first piece, I got stuck in using random bits of media such as acetate sheets, newspaper, ripped paper, charcoal and masking tape with inks. This piece lasted for 30mins- I think as I've had too much fun and got too carried away into this piece! :D

With masking tape on
The next piece was a quick painting using inks, masking tape and charcoal lasting around 20mins. This piece was really fun to do as well especially using inks and charcoal together. 

Monday, 17 March 2014

Major Project: The Carnival of The Animals Pre-viz draft 01

Here it is! The first draft of my animatic! :D There were a few complications in creating duplicates of the same character doing the same action in a scene, in particular the Eagle's abstract sequence which nearly resulted in maya crashing. Once I find a solution to this, it shall be resolved!! (^_^)/b I've also made a change in camera movement at the end to a still camera that zooms out rather than a swerving camera. Any feedback on this would be appreciated and loved!! :D

Original edit: based on animatic.

Version 2: Change of camera movement at the end for a less handheld 'trippy' feel. (edit: re-uploaded)

Friday, 14 March 2014

Major Project: Eastern Elk 'Piaffe' dance-walk cycle

Made several attempts in making a 'dance on the spot piaffe' to a dance walk. The Piaffe is a specific horse dance move where the front leg and the opposite rear leg is lifted and then hops to the opposite leg. This is the latest update attempt whilst also trying to have each foot land on each beat. Basing these on reference footage, I've also looked at elk walkcycles for travelling  distances as a combination.  I've also included the music sequence that the Elk dances along to which from my animatic, dances along to the beat. Though is the head bopping a bit too much?

The walkcycle above is a test before combining this and the piaffe dance together.

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Life Drawing Class: Week 16

Today's life drawing was about drawing dynamics and racing against time, how much we could draw to a given amount of time. To start things off, we did some quick poses of Janet, ranging from 5mins, 4 mins and to 1 min. I began drawing the first three poses in charcoal before moving on to draw in biro.

The next activity was similar to the first, only getting more extreme. These started off from 30 secs right down to 10 secs and as you can see, the quicker the time, the sketchier the drawings are! I've used a pen this time to try and not get stuck on drawing the body, but trying to get all the information onto paper within the time limit.

A bit of a cool down on this one, using our own choice of media we are to draw Janet within 20 mins. For this I've used acrylics to improve painting tonal values on a specific palette.

To finish off the lesson, we are to focus on a specific part of Janet and improve on drawing them for 20mins. I've tried painting the hands and face and then tried using a chalk pastel for more finer details. :D

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Monday, 10 March 2014

Major Project: Sea Environment Ideas

Whilst Pre-viz is still under way, I've drew up some ideas of  how water could look for the Steller's Sea Cow and the European Sea Sturgeon to swim in without having to create a distraction from the main characters. After having my tutorial with Alan, I was reminded to keep the look with the world, having it look like crinkled paper with painted on bubbles, similar to the trees. I've also created a sea bed only with a slightly darker shade of the textures. I've experimented adding in kelp and other seabed decorations via paint effects, changing its textures and also experimented in creating my own kelp. I quite like the appearance of the painted effects kelp as it fits the world. Below are some of the choices I've picked out, although 10 and 11 have subtle changes in tones (also re tweaked the resolution of the textures), 10 seems promising to use.

Early texture test

Early underwater thumbnail designs

Thursday, 6 March 2014

Major Project: Touchstone Submission

Weekly Timetable

Major Project: Shot List- Rough plan

In preparations for making the final animation and pre-viz, I've made a draft version of my shot list based on the timings of my animatic. This is primarily used to get the beats in sync with the animation. 

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Life Drawing Class: Week 15

Using our methods from last week's lesson on foreshortening, we've put all our skills from life drawing so far into this week's lesson. To start things off we drew up some quick pose sketches of model, Francis lasting around 3 mins each. To jazz things up, I've decided to use an orange and blue pastels to focus on tones. The results of this looked really interesting. ;D

Next comes the paints! Using what we've learnt about foreshortening, we are to use this into practice using acrylic paints. This piece lasted for 25mins and happy to say, Im really happy and surprised how this looks! :D

Moving on from foreshotening, we are given a choice of focusing a specific part of the body or attempt to draw the full body lasting for 20 mins. I went for painting the full body but ran a bit out of time to finish this.

Lastly to finish for the day, we did some quick sketches of Francis for 2 minutes. Happy to say I think I'm improving on painting tones, particularly focusing on a particular palette. Can't wait for the next painting session! :D

Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Major Project: Tree Environment Experiments

As the walk cycles for all characters are near its completion, I thought its time to look at the environments more in depth. With the world being white and only the characters are sho in vibrant colours, it is best to not create more attention between characters and background. Using the idea of paper cut outs of trees, I've decided to go with design number 3.
Tree designs
Tree number 3 is intended to have a pale shades of grey and whites or cream colour which the following are experiments on colour and whether should the insides of the tree should appear transparent or filled. I felt it was best to have the bottom of the tree to have a faded appearance like for example test numbers 01 and 05 as I feel this would ruin the background depth. 

Experiments on filled/transparent areas namely the insides of the tree:

Tests 04-06 are exploring the idea of lined paper:

Tests 07-09 are experimental plays on the idea of wrinkled paper:

Monday, 3 March 2014

Major Project: London Natural History Museum

A little backtracking here. :D During the early rigging stage back in January, it was suggested that a visit to the Natural History Museum would be helpful in terms of getting to know animal anatomy. Organized by Sammy, I went along with a few current and previous classmates. It was an interesting experience, seeing and visiting the place for the first time. I've also managed to draw up some quick sketches along the way and taken some images for my character references. Here are some of selected images that would be helpful for rigging my characters. Many thanks to Sammy for making it an awesome day!! :D