Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Major Project: Tree Environment Experiments

As the walk cycles for all characters are near its completion, I thought its time to look at the environments more in depth. With the world being white and only the characters are sho in vibrant colours, it is best to not create more attention between characters and background. Using the idea of paper cut outs of trees, I've decided to go with design number 3.
Tree designs
Tree number 3 is intended to have a pale shades of grey and whites or cream colour which the following are experiments on colour and whether should the insides of the tree should appear transparent or filled. I felt it was best to have the bottom of the tree to have a faded appearance like for example test numbers 01 and 05 as I feel this would ruin the background depth. 

Experiments on filled/transparent areas namely the insides of the tree:

Tests 04-06 are exploring the idea of lined paper:

Tests 07-09 are experimental plays on the idea of wrinkled paper:


  1. These are really awesome. I particularly like 5, 8 and 9 :)