Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Life Drawing Class: Week 11

The main focus in today's life drawing class is action displayed as key frames which would come in handy when making animations. We started the lesson off some poses of Francis for 2- 3 mins each.

To help us understand keyframes, we are to draw Francis in every movement between 4 mins and less. To make this look a bit clearer for each pose, I've draw some poses in red and blue pencils.

This method is used again for Francis sitting on a chair in various angles for 8 -10 mins. I've also introduced a black pen to highlight objects that would appear stationary from the beginning to the end of the action.

Lastly, to finish the lesson, we are to focus a specific area or the whole body for 20 mins. My main intention for this piece was to focus on the hands with the whole body included. The hands however, appeared a bit tricky as the fingers overlap each other. I'm quite happy with today's keyframing exercise :D

Sunday, 26 January 2014

CGAA Speed Paint Challenge: Mona Lisa and Angelina Jolie 'Bob Godfrey' style!

A fun challenge using celebrities drawn in the style of Bob Godfrey. I've chosen to draw Mona Lisa and Angelina Jolie :D. 
Mona Lisa
Angelina Jolie

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Life Drawing Class: Week 10

Today's life drawing class is mainly focusing on light and dark mainly using coloured chalk. To start things off, we did a 20 mins sketch of Francis using two coloured chalks. I've only used yellow and pink chalks for the light shading, using the black paper as the dark tones. I've used a white chalk just to add minor details and mainly for a sense of environment.


Using the idea of negative and positive shapes that we've learnt before Christmas, I've tried to attempt this using light for shapes. This second piece took 20 mins, but I've got a bit carried away using the two coloured chalks from the last piece that it didn't work out as I expected it should, but still looks colourful!! :D

Next, trying to move away from using two coloured chalks at the same time, I've focused on using a yellow chalk to draw out light shapes and the pink for environments. I'm really happy with how the third piece turned out especially shading the face as I've never had it look so successful before. This piece was done in 15 mins.

To finish off the lesson, we are to focus on one part of Francis and improve our weaknesses. This piece took 20mins. Continue the idea of light shapes, I've used a yellow chalk and again I'm really happy how the face turned out!! :D

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Life Drawing Class: Week 9

So glad to be getting back into full swing of life drawing. With a new model this time round, Francis, today's lesson is to get loosen up and focus on features and gravity. To start things off, we did four quick sketches around 5 mins each. For this piece I've mainly focused on using charcoal (and a bit of pencil as a warm up on the top left!) :D

Next, it was decided that we should focus more on features or parts that we find the weakest in drawing. For me hands and feet are the hardest to tackle, so for this task we are to focus on our weakest part in drawing body parts for 25 mins. Happy to say I'm quite happy how this turned out! :D 

Later, we are to draw the full body and then focus on our weaknesses more. I drew the left half of the body in pencil, felt tip and charcoal, and on the right in pen. My main focus in this piece is the hand and the feet again, adding more detail than the other parts. This piece lasted for 25 mins.

Lastly, to finish off the lesson we did some quick poses lasting from 4 mins to 1 mins. I've used a thick black felt tip pen just for something different! :D

As part of our assignment, I've done more studies of hands and feet in different poses. 

Friday, 10 January 2014

Match Mover: Auto Tracking

Was meant to post this a while back. It was my first time using Match mover- pretty fun doing the tracking :D

replaced cube with a character :D

original footage (cube)