Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Life Drawing Class: Week 9

So glad to be getting back into full swing of life drawing. With a new model this time round, Francis, today's lesson is to get loosen up and focus on features and gravity. To start things off, we did four quick sketches around 5 mins each. For this piece I've mainly focused on using charcoal (and a bit of pencil as a warm up on the top left!) :D

Next, it was decided that we should focus more on features or parts that we find the weakest in drawing. For me hands and feet are the hardest to tackle, so for this task we are to focus on our weakest part in drawing body parts for 25 mins. Happy to say I'm quite happy how this turned out! :D 

Later, we are to draw the full body and then focus on our weaknesses more. I drew the left half of the body in pencil, felt tip and charcoal, and on the right in pen. My main focus in this piece is the hand and the feet again, adding more detail than the other parts. This piece lasted for 25 mins.

Lastly, to finish off the lesson we did some quick poses lasting from 4 mins to 1 mins. I've used a thick black felt tip pen just for something different! :D

As part of our assignment, I've done more studies of hands and feet in different poses. 

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