Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Adaptation: Offie's furs complete

Offie's furs are done!! The mouth and little tuft of fur on top of the horns are applied with a separate bit of lighting and fur. Same as last time with Afay, I've painted the direction of the furs on maya and only applied photoshop versions for the baldness and length map settings. One more to go!!

other side
Fur length map (photoshop)
Baldness map (photoshop) - black excludes eyes, mouth, horns and claws
Baldness map (photoshop) - for mouth and horns only
Length Map (Photoshop) horns and mouth only
Polar/ directional map (maya) - body only

Monday, 29 April 2013

Adaptation: Bedroom background

Just preparing the background where the monsters will be doing their turnarounds in. Many thanks to Lydia for helping me out with the lighting!! :D I've decided to keep in the child's drawing theme for the setting- not sure if the crayon style is going too over the top. I can't put the monsters in just yet due to me having some trouble getting the settings to work out for both fur and the room. Shall I render these as two separate things?

Room UV

Bed UV

Shelf UV

Headboard UV

Lamp hood UV

Lamp UV

Table UV

Saturday, 27 April 2013

Adaptation: Afay furs complete

Yay!! Afay's tuft's back!! I've decided to pick up from where I've left off from Afay since Easter, repainting him for directions and curls. As for the tuft of hair at the front, all I did was take it to photoshop and import it back into maya as a baldness and length map separately. Fur shadows are included this time with some random tiny black patches around mainly the arms which needs resolving. Hopefully he looks real now compared to its previous posts. Safe to say, its 3 down 2 to go!! :D



Side 2

Base colour map

Tip Colour map

Baldness Map
Length map
Directional map (polar) which I painted on maya

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Adaptation: Beeba Fur progress

It's been a while but this is pretty much as far as I wanted the fur to look on Beeba. This time, I've painted out the baldness map and the polar map directing where the fur should go on Photoshop before painting the rest of the settings on Maya.  The hands are a bit tricky to work out, but I've played about and this is the best I can get it to be. I will go back to fix on this later as its been a while working on him, so for now I'll go and concentrate on the next lot.

I've also had a go at trying to add fur shadows using lighting- just to bring out the shadows on each fur strand/hair. The lighting will also needs to be applied on all monsters for the full realistic fur look.

Tip colour map

Base Colour Map

Baldness Map (On Photoshop)

Polar Map (Photoshop)

Monday, 15 April 2013

Adaptation: Donug Fur mapping and Afay's progress

Progress is moving a bit slowly as I'm still trying to get my head around the manual fur maps using photoshop. Things get a bit more confusing for me as I connect a fur map on one fur setting then another setting becomes affected and goes haywire. At the moment, I've left Afay to one side as I've spent quite some time working on it during Easter and need work on the others a bit more. I've completed doing Donug's fur but I've decided to go through the more complicated way of using the paint attributes tool instead as the seam lines didn't add up when using the photoshop method.



Painting fur attributes
I understood where the black/white and grey marks are looking at the colour feedback, but once I've opened up the exported map maya gave me, this was the result.

As for Afay it is mainly the inclintation and polar settings that are getting messed up. I have so far made some changes to the direction which the furs should be facing on the arms. The split seam lines would need more tweaking on.