Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Adaptation: Beeba Fur progress

It's been a while but this is pretty much as far as I wanted the fur to look on Beeba. This time, I've painted out the baldness map and the polar map directing where the fur should go on Photoshop before painting the rest of the settings on Maya.  The hands are a bit tricky to work out, but I've played about and this is the best I can get it to be. I will go back to fix on this later as its been a while working on him, so for now I'll go and concentrate on the next lot.

I've also had a go at trying to add fur shadows using lighting- just to bring out the shadows on each fur strand/hair. The lighting will also needs to be applied on all monsters for the full realistic fur look.

Tip colour map

Base Colour Map

Baldness Map (On Photoshop)

Polar Map (Photoshop)

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