Monday, 15 April 2013

Adaptation: Donug Fur mapping and Afay's progress

Progress is moving a bit slowly as I'm still trying to get my head around the manual fur maps using photoshop. Things get a bit more confusing for me as I connect a fur map on one fur setting then another setting becomes affected and goes haywire. At the moment, I've left Afay to one side as I've spent quite some time working on it during Easter and need work on the others a bit more. I've completed doing Donug's fur but I've decided to go through the more complicated way of using the paint attributes tool instead as the seam lines didn't add up when using the photoshop method.



Painting fur attributes
I understood where the black/white and grey marks are looking at the colour feedback, but once I've opened up the exported map maya gave me, this was the result.

As for Afay it is mainly the inclintation and polar settings that are getting messed up. I have so far made some changes to the direction which the furs should be facing on the arms. The split seam lines would need more tweaking on.


  1. :O I love them! Rainbow guy looks almost real somehow! Keep going jojo, they're amazing!

    1. Thanks Sammy!! Hopefully rainbow guy's furs will be finished soon! :D