Saturday, 30 March 2013

Adaptation: Afay's fur small update

A little preview of what's happening with the fur. I've got some pointers fom Alan before the break on editing the fur including drawing out maps and using the painting fur tool. I've decided to work this all out on Afay "The happy rainbow" character first, due to his shape being round and just to help me get familiar with the mappings. He looks a little too "velvety" at the minute and a random bald patch appearing as I'm still getting the grips of this. My main concern for him though is to create the tuft of hair that sticks out a little and covers the eyes. I've worked a little on the arms so the seamlines has worked. He's nearly there!!

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Adaptation: applying the basic furs

Fur time!! I've only just applied the basic furs in and added the crayon texture from Paint as its base and tip colours. I've played around with the settings a lot to test out the softness and thickness for each of these characters. At the moment some of the furs "stick" out in some places which these need further tweaking with using the maps and paint effects tool. I think Donug and Afay's fur seems to work for now, but we'll see!! ^_^

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Adaptation: All character's UV colour maps.

Created some colour maps using the UV's as a base layout for the furs whilst using the crayon effect. Time now for furs!! :D

Crayon colour map

Donug and Beeba

Afay, Offie and De-Dak

Donug Colour map
Beeba Colour Map

Afay Colour Map

Offie Colour Map

De-Dak Colour Map

Monday, 25 March 2013

Adaptation: All characters UV'ed

All UV'ed
With the characters all UV'ed, time now to add in the awesome stuff!! :D This would be adding in the crayon effect, along with the furs and hopefully start rigging. I couldn't help myself but to have a little play on the fur settings again to see how the fur would act now with the UV's laid out. ^_^

A quick fur test render on Offie using UV's
Donug UV'ed
Donug's UV map
Beeba UV'ed 
Beeba's UV map
Afay UV Map
Offie's UV Map

De-Dak's UV Map

Friday, 22 March 2013

Adaptation: Donug's facial expressions

Drawn up some facial expressions that Donug would use when interacting.

Adaptation: Little sketches

"Scare contest"

"Why the rush?"

Made some sketches of character interacting with each other during some breaks, just feel like drawing on pencil and paper since I haven't done it in a while. :D

Monday, 18 March 2013

Adaptation: All 5 characters modelling complete

Just to round this up, here are all the 5 characters in their naked forms (without fur!!) ready to move onto the next stage- applying the fur!! :D

A quick turnaround of them all together

Adaptation: De-Dak Model complete

De-Dak's Done!! All 5 models are ready to move onto the next stage! :D Making his mouth was pretty tricky as both top and lower teeth overlap each other along with some clashing of the throat and gums. So to make things a little easier I've looked at the some images of angler fish, venus fly trap and crocodiles to see the placement of teeth, flesh and lips. The arms I think would be easier to rig and then later set it in a gorilla arm position as its main default. ^_^



Side- Smoothed


Saturday, 16 March 2013

Round up: CGAA/ACT Live Commission Speed Paint Challenge #1-10

During the past 10 days in participating CGAA/ACT Live Commission Speed Paint Challenge it has been quite a fun little challenge. Listening to a piece of music with various genres and paint things that comes to our minds in their abstract forms. Here I have rounded up all the previous speed paintings that I have done during those 10 day challenges. Click on the link below each image to listen to the musical challenge piece. :D

04/03/2013- Challenge #01: 

05/03/2013- Challenge #02:

06/03/2013- Challenge #03:

 07/03/2013- Challenge #04:

08/03/2013- Challenge #05

11/03/2013- Challenge #06

12/03/2013- Challenge #07

13/03/2013- Challenge #08

14/03/2013- Challenge #09

15/03/2013- Challenge #10