Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Adaptation: Beeba model complete

Finished model of Beeba. Quite happy with the way it turned out!! :D


Adaptation: Donug model update

After taking on some advice from my peers, I've made some slight changes to the Donug model, cleared up some extra geometry and also added some fingers and thumbs in. (Going with the idea in blue) :D

With thumbs
No thumb but all fingers

Maya: Particle Collision (Metal Objects Sparks)

Saturday, 23 February 2013

Adaptation: First character modelling- Donug

Started to model the characters starting with Donug. Had a few mistakes made at the beginning especially trying to block out his head with three eyes before clearing it up a bit. Here are some of the screenshots I've taken during development and a little animated turnaround. Not too sure if it still looks as if its got a lot of geometry on it... furs will be added later. One down four to go!! :) 

Crayon play,  greyed model and finally in wireframe mode.


Final model

Monday, 18 February 2013

Adaptation: Playing around with Fur

Just thought I have a little experiment on this- too excited to start modelling!! I've played around with different fur types for Donug as an experiment example. For Donug, I think that the polar bear fur works best but I've also played around with different settings as well as making its base and tip fur colours on the crayon colour maps. It seems to work I guess but this was just for an experimental play. :D 

Adaptation: Monsters Orthographs

I've drawn up some orthographs of the monsters in preparation for the modelling stage. Some of them look strange in either angles as I had to rethink about the anatomy and the position of how the limbs would act. 




Saturday, 16 February 2013

Adaptation: Character speed painting concepts

Decided to take a lil break from creating the orthographs in preparations for modelling, made some speed paintings of each character. All of them took me 10-15mins to do before adding some finishing touches within 20 mins. I've also included the previous speed paint of Donug into this group.

Friday, 15 February 2013

Adaptation: Final characters refined concepts

With the characters nearing to its modelling stages, here I have made some refinements on the character concepts as well settling down on the character names. I've displayed different versions of each character and as a final in the middle. When read in order from Donug, Beeba (Be), Afay, Offie (of) and De-dak, a secret message is revealed relating to their group title. Here they are together as a group. 

Beeba (Be for short)
Offie (Of for short)

 And together as a group name using their trademark colours:

Adaptation: Project Development- Tutorial 03

After my tutorial with Alan yesterday, the characters are good to go for the modelling stages and a bit of concept art. As for the names, it has been decided that both ideas should be kept since their names form a phrase as well as a reminder of the group title. 

While this is in the progress of refining, here's a little speed paint that I did of the "purple rabbit-dog-penguin" character. This took me 40 mins :D

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Adaptation: Monster Names

With the characters chosen, I thought about giving them names. 
  • The names (A play on the pronunciation)  would form together the phrase "Do not be afraid of the dark". Like for example: Donut, Beeba (Bee), Afray, Offie (of) and Dedak.
  • Another option is that each first letter of their names would spell out and form together as "Night" which could, when put in a phrase, "Don't be afraid of the night". Life for example: Nite-Nite, Izi, Gus, Hobb and Tufty.
I quite like the first option as its a play on the pronunciations making it sound more fun and child-friendly like.

Adaptation: The 5 Chosen monsters

At last!! I am really happy to present the 5 chosen monsters, names are still to be decided. I also noticed that when grouped together, the back monster appears to be "blended in" with the other monsters. Therefore I have changed its colour and have chosen its final colour based on course mates feedback. To me the orange one seems to be more stand out comparing to the other ones.
The Chosen Colour

Colour Choices

Original colour

Sunday, 10 February 2013

Adaptation: Final round-up

Using all the feedback from the previous thumbnails, I have rounded all the preferred monster thumbs into one post. :D I hope to model 5 of them as turnarounds for the final outcome, so for me I like numbers 3,6, 9, 16 and 17. Let me know what yous think!! ^_^

Adaptation: Monster Thumbnails 9

Trying out to add the wacky into these designs. I like number 9 and 11. :D

Friday, 8 February 2013

Adaptation: Project development- Tutorial 02

After the tutorial I had yesterday with Alan, the monsters needs a few more thumbnails and needs to be slightly more wackier than logically proportioned. I'm still having some trouble in coming up slogan ideas for the campaign, so Alan advised me to look at "Stoppit and Tidyup animation" where the character's names are actually formed phrases. So perhaps that my monster characters have phrases as their names but is also playing a slogan part towards the campaign. 

Thursday, 7 February 2013

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Adaptation: My presentation for Primary School Kids

Adaptation: Primary School drawings!!

Today I went to Warren Wood Primary school for my create a monster task. The kids were lovely and I was really happy to see that they really enjoyed this and have drawn up a few more monsters towards this project (Plus one or two little paper monster airplanes for me to keep which were pretty cute!!) This really has been a fun day for me as I've never done this sort of thing before but its great to see the little ones get really into this! So a big thank you to Miss Lewis and her brilliant class and also Loreta Jarvis for helping me getting in contact. Your help is very much appreciated!! 
Thank you!! ^_^

Here are the drawings from today: