Saturday, 23 February 2013

Adaptation: First character modelling- Donug

Started to model the characters starting with Donug. Had a few mistakes made at the beginning especially trying to block out his head with three eyes before clearing it up a bit. Here are some of the screenshots I've taken during development and a little animated turnaround. Not too sure if it still looks as if its got a lot of geometry on it... furs will be added later. One down four to go!! :) 

Crayon play,  greyed model and finally in wireframe mode.


Final model


  1. this looks pretty good :D, well done Joey, good luck for the rest

  2. Hey Joey,

    My first thoughts are that's it's looking a little too dense in the middle of his body. You might want to consider reducing the amount of lines running across the body and into the arms. It will just tidy things up a little bit. Generally speaking, what you want from the character models are square shaped polygons throughout, so that you get a nice and even effect when you smooth. Otherwise you have geometry pushing and pulling in all directions to get it into the correct shape.