Monday, 16 July 2012

Summer project: 1 becomes 2: Tiki face designs 1

Based on my influence maps, I've came up with some designs for my soundscape interpretation. I've decided to put these designs in front of a black backdrop this time to see whether it can be eye-catching. Designs 1 and 2 were practice designs in recreating an African/ aboriginal/ tiki style, but out of all at the moment I'm liking design 6 and 8.

Summer project: 1 becomes 2- More influences

After having some technical difficulties, I'm finally back online!! :D So to make up for the missing few days/ weeks I've looked into more research into the kind of art style that I like to use for my music interpretation.
I've looked at the different shapes and patterns that make up the faces in tiki style and I've also looked at the colours, shapes and patterns used in UV body art to help me create a neon tiki styled face.

Sunday, 1 July 2012

Summer project: 1 becomes 2: Influence map

After taking a quite a long hiatus from being on the blog, I think its about time I got focussed on the summer project. Based on some small influences on my first summer project post, I've piled them all up into an influence map. I felt that from listening to soundscape 3 gave me the idea of tribal like art styles, so I went to look at some Aztec, Aboriginal and African tribal art since these mostly contains simple shapes, bright colours and patterns.