Thursday, 23 May 2013

Adaptation: Monster plushies photo shoot day

On Monday, my monster plushies have gone to have their very own professional photo shoot  I was pretty nervous at this as photography isn't one of my best areas, but hey I gave it a go just for fun and to make these look as pro as I can. The results of these were really amazing comparing to the photos I've taken at home previously. Many special thanks to Robbie Munn for helping me out with this!! 

Group photo!!




(looks as if  Afay's about to chase something...)

Adaptation: Group Pose!!

Finally I've got them together for a group pose!! Since the crit presentation, I've been spending a bit of time to finally gather up the characters, made some quick rigs and finally pose them just like its 2D concept counterpart. I really did enjoy playing around with De-Dak's arms- they're soo huge! I had to enlarge the room a little as it wasn't big enough for five, but the results of this look pretty awesome!! :D
Modelled version concept art

Original 2D concept art
In random pose
In white background
Poses based on concept art

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Adaptation: Art of- Book Ordering Preview

I thought it would be really cool to turn my art of document into a book. Before ordering, I just want to make sure that everythings looks fine. If yous could check it out and let me know your thoughts please!! 

Saturday, 11 May 2013

Maya: Sprites: Pixie Dust

Unfortunately I don't have after effects to get the cool awesome glowy effect, but I did manage to boost the colours up a bit with a few more effects on Premiere.

Friday, 10 May 2013

Maya: Goals Part 2: Controlled Mud Drop

Maya: Goals Part 2: Controlled Mud Drop 

Maya: Goals Part 1: Mud Drop

Maya: Goals Part 1: Mud Drop 

Maya: Instancing Part 12: Animation Cycles (Spiders)

Instancing Part 12: Animation Cycles (Spiders)

Maya: All latest tutorials

Games character Modelling (Head):

Games character Modelling (Full):

Airship and sketching cloud particles:

Directional Emitter- Explosion:

Omni Emitter- Fuse:

Volume Emitter: Smoke:

Volume Emitter: Space Travel:

Curve Emitter: Fireworks 1:

Shock waves:

Curve Flow: Motion Path Dynamics:

Curve Emitter: Water Foam:

Emit from particles: Fireworks 2:

Emit from surface 1 (Barrel):

Emit from surface 2 (Can Dissolve):

Active Passive Rigid Bodies (Bowling Alley):

Particle Collision (Rain):

Particle Collision (Metal Objects Sparks):

Instancing Part 2: Scale Control (Bubbles):

Instancing Part 2: Scale Control (Bubbles):

Instancing Part 3: Rotation Control (Meteors):

Instancing Part 4: Object Index Control 1 (Shapes):

Instancing Part 5: Object Index Control 2 (Crowds):

Instancing Part 6: Aim Direction (Arrows):

Instancing Part 7: Aim Direction (Rockets):

Instancing Part 8: Rotation Types (Pointers):

Instancing Part 9: Instances & Paint Effects (Trees):

Instancing Part 10: Animation Cycles (Fish):

Instancing Part 11: Animation Cycles (Robots):

Instancing Part 12: Animation Cycles (Spiders):

Goals Part 1: Mud Drop:

Goals Part 2: Controlled Mud Drop:

Maya: Sprites: Pixie Dust:

Maya: Instancing Part 11: Animation Cycles (Robots)

Maya: Instancing Part 11: Animation Cycles (Robots)

Maya: Modelling 4: Games Modelling: Character- complete

Games Modelling: Character- complete


wireframe- front



Saturday, 4 May 2013

Adaptation: CD Cover art and front art

Here are the Disk cover designs. I've made two versions- the crayon theme and the photoshop theme. I ended up going for the photoshop version since I think it looks much better and more colourful. :D

Photoshop version

Crayon version

CD Front cover art

Adaptation: Dedak furs complete

Putting the furs on Dedak have been completed just a couple of days ago but I didn't get the chance to post them up after running around setting up renders in preparation for the monsters turnaround. So with the rendering happening, here is Dedak in its fur glory. His fur at the moment appears a little glittery but this will be fixed with the lighting when it comes to his turnaround. :D


Side 1

Side 2