Thursday, 31 January 2013

Maya: Emit from particles: Fireworks 2

It looks like the sparks are out of sync but I'm not sure where should I go to change this?

Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Adaptation: Monster thumbnails 3

More thumbnails again only this time I'm taking different parts from various drawings. I quite like number 5. :D

Adaptation: Pitch Presentation

Adaptation: Speed painting

Did some speed paintings which took me 30 mins to do each before clearing it up a bit. I'm quite inspired by the shadow play idea at the moment and also because I haven't got a finalized character yet, this was pretty fun to do. :D

Adaptation: Monster thumbnails 2

Some more thumbnails of the combined monsters.

Can't wait to see more children's drawings!! :D

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Adaptation: First monster thumbnails

Based on everyone's monster drawings, I have mix and matched them around to create another monster. I've decided to use Microsoft paint for it's crayon brush effect and I feel it works well with the first set of thumbnails.

Playing around with layers on Photoshop

Monday, 28 January 2013

Adaptation: First batch of drawings!!

I've just got my first batch of drawings!! Many thanks to Andrianna, Adrian and Barney Ellis, Sammy and Kaj and their brilliant Scouts club and TutorPhil for sending the pictures!! It really is fascinating for me to see drawings that are from a child's perspective that is much more different from what we older ones see. Anyway here's the latest drawings from everyone!! :D Keep them coming!! 


Sunday, 27 January 2013

Creature painting practice

Going along with the theme of monsters, I've decided to have a go at improving my painting skills after looking up some more tutorials. This is no final character since its just a painting that I mainly want to improve on painting realistically. I've lost count on how long this one took me as my main intention of this was to have a block out done really quick and painting things with reduced outlines which for me takes away the shadows. Still needs practice but I'm really happy with how this turned out!! :D 

Friday, 25 January 2013

Maya: Games Modelling Parts 1 & 2

I think I'm getting the hang of this.. :D

Part 1: blocking
Part 1: smooth ver
Part 2: Refining
Part 2: Smooth ver

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Maya: Curve Emitter: Fireworks 1 and Shockwave

Firework Render
Shockwave render 

Fireworks Playblast

Fireworks Rendered

Shockwave playblast

Shockwave Render

Adaptation: Pre-pitch presentation

Adaptation: Monster styles influence map

Another influence map looking at different styles for monsters where the appearance is both scary and child friendly like so as to not frighten the children if they were to watch the monsters in action. 

Narrative and Character: Anecdote Studios: Alan fixed?

Render test image.
I've fixed the walk this time hoping that the feet would go in sync. The walk looks fine from other angles apart from the front which looks as if he's riding an "invisible bike". I also had some extra advice from Bo, Andi and Nat (Thanks!! :D) in trying to make the character look more "fluid and relaxed", so I've added some arm, upper and lower torso movements. I've kept in the shadows and the turntable in as the wireframes and the block model both have the tables in them. 

I also didn't realise that another camera was added in the render process but thought I put it up anyway for fun. :D

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Calling all 4-8 year olds!!

As most of yous know where my Adaptation project is going, I need help from kids between 4-8 years to help me create a monster. (Since I can’t really ask the little me from years ago, I think it would be really interesting and fun to see what the little ones nowadays can come up with.)  

The task is mainly aimed for children between 4- 8 years old. The task here is for them to complete this worksheet below which is for them to create a monster (Can be friendly if they like!!) that the monster maybe be hiding in the darkest or the scariest places of the house using as many colours, materials, paints, pens etc if they like- letting them be as creative as they can be!!

When finished, please send a copy of the drawing to me at (or you can find me either in the baseroom or the mini room where I can collect them or if you have questions) where I will collect them and using all the drawings collected, recreate and bring a monster to life!

The deadline to send the drawings is 1st February.

Thank you!! :D

Draw a monster worksheet: ( Apologies The link's not working so here they are as image files)

Page 1
Page 2

Page 3

Adaptation: Drip the cat Character modified designs

More slightly modified designs of Drip, giving it a more rounder face and slightly rounder arms. Still playing around with placement of the feet claws. Feedback would be loved and appreciated!! ^_^

Adaptation: Drip character refinements

Did some character refinements on Drip the Electric Cat character. I've only tested out in slight changes to the head shape, placements of eyes and mouths and the feet. More to come!! :D

Original Drip

Adaptation: 2 projects into 1

After speaking to TutorPhil today about where each of my projects were going, it was decided that both should be combined into one project. I was advised by TutorPhil to look at some charity videos that have been commissioned by other animation companies which might help me find an aim for this project similar to theirs. I've looked at several NSPCC adverts and others on serious topics like child abuse, charities etc, which in most of their adverts shed light on the good side of things over bad.

I think as for my project Drip the electric cat could be perhaps depicted as a hero or as a symbol of light/ kid's good imaginary friend that could protect them from the monster lurking in their bedroom. 

Here are the videos that I've looked at:

Monday, 21 January 2013

Maya: Volume Emitter: Space Travel

Thought I have a go at making this, turned out its pretty fun to do! :D Not sure if the Alpha channel is meant to be removed, I've put both versions of them up. :)

(Alpha Channel Turned on)

(Alpha Channel Turned Off)

Maya: Volume Emitter: Smoke

 Got too carried away playing around with the colours!! :O

Adaptation: Drip the electric cat- Aims and influences

As for Drip the Electric Cat, I shope to aim this animation towards 2-10 year olds. I'm still deciding over what it's purpose is whetehr if it is a safety demo or giving a morale to its viewers.

As for its influences, since the design is already limited as it was drawn by a 4 or 5 year old version of me. I thought about refining some of it details like the eyes as well as giving it some personality. Here is my influence map.

Sunday, 20 January 2013

Adaptation: Monsters in my Bedroom- Aims and influences

The aim of this animation is to tell kids that there is nothing to be scared of in their own bedroom. My target audience for this would be somewhere around Key stage one age groups.

As for the influences, I would go for a child friendly cartoon style as not to completely frighten the kids out at night. So far here's my influence map.

Saturday, 19 January 2013

Speed Painting: Blue wolf and random bird?

Decided to play around for a bit on Photoshop, quickest time:  both 10 mins!! Quickest ever done for me since Xmas!! ^_^ 

Thursday, 17 January 2013

Adaptation: Project development- Tutorial 01

After talking to Alan during the tutorials, it is concluded that two different projects should be taken on in case  if one doesn't work. I have kept both ideas from the previous which were:
  • Getting different descriptions from young children about monsters hiding in their bedroom
  • Adapting from my drawing, "Drip the electric cat" into a character model.
However both of them needs a purpose as well as promoting itself as a publishing content either being a book illustration or short etc. The two projects are quite interesting as Alan mentioned, a drawing being adapted in terms of character design and as a project may become restricted whereas with a young child's description of a monster could lead to different opportunities. Therefore taking on these two projects at the same time for the pitch, it would be interesting to see which project idea would work.

I've added several more books to my reading list for monster phrases:

 Half-Minute Horrors  by Susan RIch

There Was An Old Monster by Ed Emberly

Monster and Me by Robert Marsh

Silly Rhymes for Belligerent Children by Trace Beaulieu 

I've also decided to add in some scary poems for kids that may help with the phrase quest:

Who's that?  and Seeing things by

Seeing Things

Maya: Airship and sketching cloud particles

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Adaptation: More ideas

Pretty much expanding the two ideas that I have in mind, for the scary monster hiding in a kids bedroom I thought about using different phrases from different children's books such as Janet and Allan Ahlberg's In the dark dark woods which was then adapted into a tv series depicting the normal lives of skeletons. I also watched Paul Berry's 1992 animation of The Sandman which I hope to use as an influence towards this project.
I'm still searching and trying to remember some children's books at the minute so more to come!

As for the chidlhood image drawings, I have some other ideas/ purpose for it:

  • The character could be promoting some sort of health and safety advert (like electricity around the house due to the character being an "Electric cat"). 
  • A diary or recollection account about a grown up reminiscing the times with their imaginary friend.

Monday, 14 January 2013

Adaptation:Initial Ideas

I've been thinking about this project during the Christmas holidays and have thought of many ideas that might work out for this project.

I thought about using the idea of images that I have drawn when I was little and adapt this into an animation short as well as making the drawing from 2D into a 3D character. I've searched around back at home to see what images I've had and so far here's some that I've managed to scrabble through. I've discussed this with Alan but it was mentioned that I needed a purpose as well as a story. At the moment, I am interested in using "Drip- The Electric Cat" as an adaptation from 2d into a 3d model as I feel that character design is something I feel I'm strong in but could improve on the character modelling in maya. 

Drip The electric Cat

My other drawings

I had also thought about something that I might work on professionally which would be character design. So for this, I thought of having a character made from a child's imaginative view on what "Scary monsters" could be found lurking in the darkest places in their bedrooms using phrases picked out from children's books. This would be mostly aimed at a younger audience as well as giving the idea that there is nothing to be scared of.

Sunday, 13 January 2013

Narrative and Character: Anecdote Studios: Alan Character Turnaround- updated

After fixing some problems during the holidays, here's the updated version of Alan Character Turnaround with untextured and wire framed model.

Friday, 11 January 2013

Adaptation: New Project, New Beginning

With the Character design and the Narrative project finished, we have a new project: Adaptation. This is where we use an existing piece and reconfigure it for a new audience and in a different media. I cannae wait for this, since it will be something from our own choice and adapt it using our strengths into something new and different!! :D

I will draw up some ideas later in another post- watch this space!! :D

Thursday, 10 January 2013

Maya Tutorials: Animation Generi to Cartoon Characters

I'm really sorry but I've just found out that I couldn't work on my maya files from home due to a graphics card problem. It will be a while for me to get it resolved but for the meantime, I'll be continuing to get this done in uni.  

Sorry!! :'(

Here are all the latest Maya tutorials:

Animation 2: Generi lip sync:

Lip Syncing- Basics:

Lip Syncing- full lip sync:

Lip Syncing: Full lip sync and body movement:

Pipeline 1: Cartoon Characters:

Shirt modelling:

Trousers and Shoes: