Thursday, 17 January 2013

Adaptation: Project development- Tutorial 01

After talking to Alan during the tutorials, it is concluded that two different projects should be taken on in case  if one doesn't work. I have kept both ideas from the previous which were:
  • Getting different descriptions from young children about monsters hiding in their bedroom
  • Adapting from my drawing, "Drip the electric cat" into a character model.
However both of them needs a purpose as well as promoting itself as a publishing content either being a book illustration or short etc. The two projects are quite interesting as Alan mentioned, a drawing being adapted in terms of character design and as a project may become restricted whereas with a young child's description of a monster could lead to different opportunities. Therefore taking on these two projects at the same time for the pitch, it would be interesting to see which project idea would work.

I've added several more books to my reading list for monster phrases:

 Half-Minute Horrors  by Susan RIch

There Was An Old Monster by Ed Emberly

Monster and Me by Robert Marsh

Silly Rhymes for Belligerent Children by Trace Beaulieu 

I've also decided to add in some scary poems for kids that may help with the phrase quest:

Who's that?  and Seeing things by

Seeing Things

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