Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Adaptation: First monster thumbnails

Based on everyone's monster drawings, I have mix and matched them around to create another monster. I've decided to use Microsoft paint for it's crayon brush effect and I feel it works well with the first set of thumbnails.

Playing around with layers on Photoshop


  1. These look great :-D. In addition this this I've got some drawings from the Brownies. I took your monster form to Brownies with me yesterday and got them to come up with some designs. Are you able to wait till Thursday to get them? As I'll be able to give them to Tom tomorrow :-)

    1. Thank you soo much Charlotte!! :D Your help is very much appreciated!! Yeah Thursday's fine!! ^_^

    2. Hehe no worries XD. Just when you've finished, mind if I have an image of your final character to show them? I said I'd show them the final result :)

    3. Yeah sure!! I'm planning to show everyone the final results as well on the blog since everyone played a big part in helping me with the monsters. :D watch this space!! :P