Monday, 14 January 2013

Adaptation:Initial Ideas

I've been thinking about this project during the Christmas holidays and have thought of many ideas that might work out for this project.

I thought about using the idea of images that I have drawn when I was little and adapt this into an animation short as well as making the drawing from 2D into a 3D character. I've searched around back at home to see what images I've had and so far here's some that I've managed to scrabble through. I've discussed this with Alan but it was mentioned that I needed a purpose as well as a story. At the moment, I am interested in using "Drip- The Electric Cat" as an adaptation from 2d into a 3d model as I feel that character design is something I feel I'm strong in but could improve on the character modelling in maya. 

Drip The electric Cat

My other drawings

I had also thought about something that I might work on professionally which would be character design. So for this, I thought of having a character made from a child's imaginative view on what "Scary monsters" could be found lurking in the darkest places in their bedrooms using phrases picked out from children's books. This would be mostly aimed at a younger audience as well as giving the idea that there is nothing to be scared of.


  1. Cool cat is probably the coolest cat I have ever seen. I love your dinosaur too, TOO CUUUUTE these made me so happy!!!

  2. I am really loving the idea! Your drawings are cute : ))
    It also kind of reminds me of this thing:

  3. Hehe thanks guys!! ^_^ Yep Sam, the idea was also based on the link that Photoshop Phil showed me a while back as well!! :D

  4. Hi Joey, it does sound great and, it has that childhood innocence in it which would bring it to life. However, do you have enough source material to work from to give it a true presence? If not, you should consider adapting this design to a similar source material. Like, Disney's Bambi, Dumbo or the Care Bears. Something you could restructure, that allows your own unique creativity to shine through.