Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Adaptation: Drip the cat Character modified designs

More slightly modified designs of Drip, giving it a more rounder face and slightly rounder arms. Still playing around with placement of the feet claws. Feedback would be loved and appreciated!! ^_^


  1. Hey Jojo - while your 'drip cat' is cute, I think our wires may be crossed. When I suggested merging your two projects, the bits I suggested you merge was the idea of childhood drawings (as suggested by your Drip Cat drawing) and your monsters under the bed idea. In other words, the monsters under the bed as developed via childrens drawings. Now, it maybe that I confused you because it was always your intention to create the monsters this way, so when I said, merge the projects, you thought I meant include Drip Cat - which I didn't. Personally, I think introducing a 'hero monster' is a confusion in the context of your advert idea, because the 'hero' is the NSPCC. I think you should design just a range of monsters for under the bed - sorry if I've confused you!

    1. Sorry Phil!! I think with the worksheet now going underway, I think I know what to do now. :)