Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Adaptation: Monster Names

With the characters chosen, I thought about giving them names. 
  • The names (A play on the pronunciation)  would form together the phrase "Do not be afraid of the dark". Like for example: Donut, Beeba (Bee), Afray, Offie (of) and Dedak.
  • Another option is that each first letter of their names would spell out and form together as "Night" which could, when put in a phrase, "Don't be afraid of the night". Life for example: Nite-Nite, Izi, Gus, Hobb and Tufty.
I quite like the first option as its a play on the pronunciations making it sound more fun and child-friendly like.


  1. Hey, Joey. I like the first idea. Those names (I think) go well with your monsters =)