Saturday, 30 March 2013

Adaptation: Afay's fur small update

A little preview of what's happening with the fur. I've got some pointers fom Alan before the break on editing the fur including drawing out maps and using the painting fur tool. I've decided to work this all out on Afay "The happy rainbow" character first, due to his shape being round and just to help me get familiar with the mappings. He looks a little too "velvety" at the minute and a random bald patch appearing as I'm still getting the grips of this. My main concern for him though is to create the tuft of hair that sticks out a little and covers the eyes. I've worked a little on the arms so the seamlines has worked. He's nearly there!!


  1. Hi :)

    I've put you forward for a Summer work placement with Pete Wallace and his company 'Butch Auntie'. You can work remotely, so there's no travel involved, but Pete would like to meet you on Tuesday 7th May @ 10am in the CGAA base room for an initial briefing.

    1. Oh wow!! Thanks so much Phil!! This is exciting, can't wait!! :D