Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Life Drawing Class: Week 10

Today's life drawing class is mainly focusing on light and dark mainly using coloured chalk. To start things off, we did a 20 mins sketch of Francis using two coloured chalks. I've only used yellow and pink chalks for the light shading, using the black paper as the dark tones. I've used a white chalk just to add minor details and mainly for a sense of environment.


Using the idea of negative and positive shapes that we've learnt before Christmas, I've tried to attempt this using light for shapes. This second piece took 20 mins, but I've got a bit carried away using the two coloured chalks from the last piece that it didn't work out as I expected it should, but still looks colourful!! :D

Next, trying to move away from using two coloured chalks at the same time, I've focused on using a yellow chalk to draw out light shapes and the pink for environments. I'm really happy with how the third piece turned out especially shading the face as I've never had it look so successful before. This piece was done in 15 mins.

To finish off the lesson, we are to focus on one part of Francis and improve our weaknesses. This piece took 20mins. Continue the idea of light shapes, I've used a yellow chalk and again I'm really happy how the face turned out!! :D

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