Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Life Drawing Class: Week 16

Today's life drawing was about drawing dynamics and racing against time, how much we could draw to a given amount of time. To start things off, we did some quick poses of Janet, ranging from 5mins, 4 mins and to 1 min. I began drawing the first three poses in charcoal before moving on to draw in biro.

The next activity was similar to the first, only getting more extreme. These started off from 30 secs right down to 10 secs and as you can see, the quicker the time, the sketchier the drawings are! I've used a pen this time to try and not get stuck on drawing the body, but trying to get all the information onto paper within the time limit.

A bit of a cool down on this one, using our own choice of media we are to draw Janet within 20 mins. For this I've used acrylics to improve painting tonal values on a specific palette.

To finish off the lesson, we are to focus on a specific part of Janet and improve on drawing them for 20mins. I've tried painting the hands and face and then tried using a chalk pastel for more finer details. :D

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