Monday, 10 March 2014

Major Project: Sea Environment Ideas

Whilst Pre-viz is still under way, I've drew up some ideas of  how water could look for the Steller's Sea Cow and the European Sea Sturgeon to swim in without having to create a distraction from the main characters. After having my tutorial with Alan, I was reminded to keep the look with the world, having it look like crinkled paper with painted on bubbles, similar to the trees. I've also created a sea bed only with a slightly darker shade of the textures. I've experimented adding in kelp and other seabed decorations via paint effects, changing its textures and also experimented in creating my own kelp. I quite like the appearance of the painted effects kelp as it fits the world. Below are some of the choices I've picked out, although 10 and 11 have subtle changes in tones (also re tweaked the resolution of the textures), 10 seems promising to use.

Early texture test

Early underwater thumbnail designs

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  1. Yes - love the crinkled paper look, Joey - really works - though I don't think the modelled 'volumetric' kelp is looking quite right - too emphatic. The paint effects are looking better.