Thursday, 27 March 2014

Major Project: The Carnival of The Animals Pre-viz draft 03

Slightly more changes made this time, paying more focus this time changing the middle section around 00:27:00 mark. I've experimented around with the shaders to achieve the coloured silhouettes and test rendered these which I'm quite happy with the outcome :D

Silhouette sequence test renders:


  1. jojo! This is much more snappy, joyful and exciting now - really like the silhouette sections, so well done on envisioning that solution :) There's just some slight timing issues now - I hope I can explain them here:

    The cut from the opening shot of the bird to the shot of the bird flying towards the sun; there seems to be a more natural 'cut' point between those two shots in synch with the music; it's just after 2secs when the second 'jangle' of the piano begins; this feels like the moment when we should see the bird flying towards the sun; it means you've got a little bit less time in that opening shot, but that second piano jangle feels like the natural place for the edit (hope that makes sense?!) If not, we'll talk tomorrow.

    I still think you need to revisit the spirals of sea cow and pike - it's too busy now; also, the pike should be turning in faster circles than the sea cows, which are bigger slower creatures; slow the sea cows down and make the pikes move more quickly - and just open up that scene a bit so there's no so many elements competing for our attention.

    When you've got the coloured strips of your animals scene - the bird's wings need to flap much more quickly and in time with music, because right now the 'gliding' moment is creating a 'dead' space in comparison with the activity in the other animal sequences.

    I think you've got space for another abstract sequence, because the butterfly pattern scene feels a little too long now. I think you could introduce another idea here - I don't know what, but another abstract sequence to keep things zipping along nicely. It might something as simple as another set of strips, but with the silhouettes against their backgrounds or similar?

    Anyway - this is a really good, really zippy version, so well done and keep finessing it, because if it works in this version, it will work when it's rendered etc.! Good stuff :D

  2. *slow the sea cows down and make the pikes move more quickly* - probably the pikes should stay at the speed you already have them at, just give more ponderous grace to those big sea cows :)

  3. Got it! Cheers Phil! :D Will hack those fishies! :)