Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Life Drawing Class: Week 17

Today's life drawing is about light and shadows based on a still life structure that TutorPhil had made. Using various kinds of media, we are given a choice to either draw what we see, or use the structures and shadows casted onto the structure or from the walls to create life forms, patterns etc. 

For the first piece, I got stuck in using random bits of media such as acetate sheets, newspaper, ripped paper, charcoal and masking tape with inks. This piece lasted for 30mins- I think as I've had too much fun and got too carried away into this piece! :D

With masking tape on
The next piece was a quick painting using inks, masking tape and charcoal lasting around 20mins. This piece was really fun to do as well especially using inks and charcoal together.