Friday, 14 March 2014

Major Project: Eastern Elk 'Piaffe' dance-walk cycle

Made several attempts in making a 'dance on the spot piaffe' to a dance walk. The Piaffe is a specific horse dance move where the front leg and the opposite rear leg is lifted and then hops to the opposite leg. This is the latest update attempt whilst also trying to have each foot land on each beat. Basing these on reference footage, I've also looked at elk walkcycles for travelling  distances as a combination.  I've also included the music sequence that the Elk dances along to which from my animatic, dances along to the beat. Though is the head bopping a bit too much?

The walkcycle above is a test before combining this and the piaffe dance together.


  1. Hey Joey :)

    Yes - I think his head is bopping too much; just feels a bit manic right now - hyper-active - why not consider moving his head on a different rhythm - so not on every beat but every fourth beat, for example - so, still in time with the music, but with a different emphasis?

  2. Hey Phil,

    Thanks for the feedback, I see what you mean with the manic bopping. I'll have a go at moving the head to a different rhythm, hopefully then it wouldnt be doing a head banger! hehe :D