Sunday, 30 March 2014

Major Project: WWF ending lines

While I'm refining the pre-viz, I have been thinking of phrases to use to complete the animation whilst having the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) logo on. Here are some phrases I've came up with:
  • Each species on our planet plays a role in the Carnival. Let's keep the Carnival alive
  • Animal extinction is the greatest threat to mankind...
  • Time is running out, don't drain out the colours.
  • Extinction is forever, colour them while you can- time is running out.
  • Their colours will be gone and forgotten if we don't act now.
I've also found some quotes about endangered/ extinct animals as well:

"We share this planet with many species. It is our responsibility to protect them, both for their sakes and our own."
- Pamela A. Matson,

"Endangered species are our friends." - Yao Ming

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