Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Life Drawing Class: Week 15

Using our methods from last week's lesson on foreshortening, we've put all our skills from life drawing so far into this week's lesson. To start things off we drew up some quick pose sketches of model, Francis lasting around 3 mins each. To jazz things up, I've decided to use an orange and blue pastels to focus on tones. The results of this looked really interesting. ;D

Next comes the paints! Using what we've learnt about foreshortening, we are to use this into practice using acrylic paints. This piece lasted for 25mins and happy to say, Im really happy and surprised how this looks! :D

Moving on from foreshotening, we are given a choice of focusing a specific part of the body or attempt to draw the full body lasting for 20 mins. I went for painting the full body but ran a bit out of time to finish this.

Lastly to finish for the day, we did some quick sketches of Francis for 2 minutes. Happy to say I think I'm improving on painting tones, particularly focusing on a particular palette. Can't wait for the next painting session! :D

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