Sunday, 29 April 2012

Unit 6: Commission- Normal Bone cell character designs

Here are some character designs for my normal bone cell character basing its shape from the influence map. I feel that having them in a normal cell shape (Oval) would be easier to show that its a normal bone cell. So far I'm liking number 3 and 6, because 3 could be seen as a cell minding its own business being at peace before becoming a cancer cell and for 6 because its a calm happy little cell.


  1. I like 3 because of the nice use of the nuclei to draw attention to the facial area - so it seems that this rule (use of nuclei) should follow in all designs.

  2. Looking good demon :) I agree with Phil, 3 is the one i like best.The expresion mixt with the shade of the nuclei realy makes it stand out.