Sunday, 29 April 2012

Unit 6: Commission- Bone cancer cell character designs

Here are some Bone cancer character designs based on my influence maps. I've thought about how the character could be expressed as a bad one by the evil expressions and the body shape either round shape like a cell or with tendrils ready, to snatch/ grab and corrupt a normal cell. I've also included a colour sheet of them based on the colours from my influence map.

Without colour

Basic Colour sheet. (patterns, effects etc will be added in later)


  1. maybe you should look at squids and octopi as additional reference - I left a comment on your post about the healthy cells in which I liked your use of the nuclei as a kind of 'face area' - it seems to me logical that even though the cancer cells have a different appearance, might they not also have the 'nuclei' spot demarcating their 'face area' too - but with the cancer cell having tentacles etc. I like the idea too of the transparency suggested by your healthy cells - i.e transparent ovals with an internal coloured sphere - almost like Haribo or similar - sort of jelly and squashy; if so, your cancer cell needs to be made of the 'same stuff' - with the same rules, but with the difference in its overall shape.

  2. ... sorry - me again - I suggest you work on the healthy cell and cancer cell on the same page - they need to share some basic design characteristics; I like the idea too of the facial features being not 'on the surface' of the cells, but rather 'inside' the cell, as if attached to the nuclei area. Anyway - give yourself some clear ground rules in regard to the basic design rules of your cells - because this will also give you ideas about how to approach your environments too.