Friday, 6 April 2012

Myopic Penny Farthing cycle- test 2

Hellos!! Hope everyone's having a good Easter, I'm posting another penny farthing cycle with some changes made. After speaking to Tutor Phil and Animation Meg the bike needed more dynamism on the wheels and the bike frame. Meg pointed out that within the cycle there is a rhythm of how things or parts move, which at first, my cycle's parts all have rhythms different from each other. She mentioned that I should think of how vehicles travel and perform a sudden stop- causing a jerky like effect as since the bike's wheels are dented, it would perform in this way. So here is the newly fixed cycle and the pedals in the right direction! ^_^

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  1. HIHI i loving the movement here! has a really sense of character :) and hope you are having a fun easter filled with work :)