Thursday, 26 April 2012

Unit 6: Commission- cell and cancer character designs

Here are some character designs for both cancer and normal cells. I thought of the cancer cells to have some tendrils in connection with a part in the story/ script where it grows and spreads, whereas the normal cells would maybe look sleeping? I've also included a "mock up" concept art as an example where normal cells are at peace until the cancer cells interrupts and begins to spread. Feedback would be much appreciated!! :D

Cancer cells design

Normal cells design

A mock up concept where cancer begins to spread onto normal cells. (based on cancer design 1 and normal cell designs 1 and 6)


  1. i think you've got it spot on in your mock up concept painting. the contrast in shape is clear enough that you could pull it off without the expressions. looking good, joey!

  2. Hey Joey - not sure of your target audience anymore after our conversation the other day - though it seems you're going for something child-centred. How does this sit with the seriousness of the cancer you're dealing with - or has your idea changed?

    When it comes to this project - a high level of stylisation/simplification is often key, because it means the style allows you to model more simply, without the 'simpleness' reading like a weakness. In this sense, you might want to think about further rationalising your designs, certainly thinking about a more iconic colour system; you might find this useful for identifying punchy colour palettes from the get go...

    1. Hi Phil, thanks for the feedback. For target audience I went for the general audience, being for all ages and thought about using styles from Disney's UP (and some other Disney films) where the animation, characters are all suited for all kinds of ages while at the same time to make awareness.