Monday, 23 April 2012

Unit 6: Commission- New beginning and idea

Wow!! It's kinda scary thinking that time has gone by really quick and to be already in the last unit of this year! After being given the Unit 6 brief introduction a few weeks back in the middle of Unit 5, we were introduced to  Dr Peter Klappa who taught us about the process of cells which can either lead to aging process or cancer. These were the two topics that we had to choose from as they're the most talked about topic within these few years.

So I have chosen to do "Malignant Neoplasm of Nasopharynx"!!

...Long name but basically it is cancer that is found around the Sinus area (back of the nose).

I thought this would be something interesting to look at because apparently  this form of cancer is most commonly found among Asian people. 

However audience wise I might go for a younger audience and as for art style wise, I'm thinking of doing them in a cartoon style but this still needs more thinking!


  1. Why not do it in your Chibi style? Your audience could be teenagers? would be interesting to see chibi in 3D
    little cells with faces :D

  2. oooh yeah!! That sounds great! Thanks Sammy!! I'll have a go at it on Maya first! :D