Friday, 18 November 2011

Maya: Building project Progress

With only 3 more tutorial videos to go, I've finally finished making the Lintels and have started to work on the pillars. During the making of this, I've encountered some problems which one of them is that one of the shapes for the "shelf" part when it became oddly shaped and the edges could not be separated or combined. But this was all solved by merging or deleting some edges of points together using other tools with the help from the more experienced. So here are 3 in 1 screenshots that I've put together of what I've done so far. The left is the pillar that I am currently working on, the overall shot with the small pillar thats in the middle left of the building and a close up shot of the pillar on the building on the right.

1 comment :

  1. Nice to see you getting there Joe :) Lemme know if you need any advice tomorrow I done em all up to now :)