Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Life Drawing Class: Week 8

Today to start things off, we did some 2 min sketches as a warm up. Afterwards, we had to draw using the same method as last time where we focused on the negative space. I must’ve gone a bit too quick on drawing this as I found myself to be stuck and have no idea what else to draw. I was also confused at the background  as there are shapes that are inside the shapes and weren’t sure as to make them into one or leave them separated, but I left some out as there are some shapes that needed to be isolated or split. Because I had no idea what else to draw, Tutor Chris suggested that I should have a go at drawing the shapes that are made in the body though doing this could reveal the model’s body but try and not to reveal it as much.  The model’s bottom became a shape, but I wasn’t exactly sure were her arms meant to be a shape but it is something that we’re doing next week so hopefully I get a better understanding of this.

The third image, doing the same method again the image looked well apart from the proportions especially where the head and the neck are. Again I ended up having some extra time left because I haven’t realised the speed I was drawing it in and so decided to have another go at drawing the shapes on the body. I drew the shapes of the arms and shoulders, which by the time I knew it, the image had gone oddly proportioned.
Lastly to finish the day, we used the same method again only to turn the shapes into forms. The first way of approaching this was to draw them as negative shapes and then give them forms. I’ve only got round to drawing the negative shapes as it was the last 25 mins on this drawing and had no time to draw them as forms.

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  1. Love your first negative space drawing, can really see the model through random shapes. Nice stuff, Your 10 minute sketches continue to impress with dynamic structure. One thing I will suggest is trying to mentally break them into primatives, makes the model easier to analyse and apply these methods to paper quickly. I'm gonna have to remember to bring my damn magazine in tomorrow :)

    Good job Jo