Sunday, 13 November 2011

Unit 2: Space- AJttCotE: photoshop mushroom forest fixed

Added textures
Using one of my images from the mushroom forest model, I've tried to recreate the scene following its light/ darkness. The look of the result looks a bit too dark, but also experiemented further by adding textures as TutorPhil had suggested. I'm not sure have I done the image texture thing right. :S

Retoned based on the model photograph

Based on this image


  1. Great to see you trying stuff out, Joey - but you're trying to 'fix' your original painting via this method, and I'm going to suggest that you use this method to generate more thumbnails from scratch. So, you move the lighting to the back and quickly put together a tonal thumbnail of the results, then from the side, from above etc. Work them up quickly, just to get a feel for some lighting effects. Here, your forest is now very dark, but if you look at woodland and forests, you have sections were high points of light carry the eye deep into the space, because the light is making it through the canopy to spotlight and rimlight different parts of the composition.

    Put more simply, you need to create a more dynamic play of highlights and detail - use light to pick out detail and tighten up your structures - everything here is still too soft, so that the eye just sinks into a general feeling as opposed to being directed around the image.

    This is all exciting stuff, Joey - so keep thinking through doing - and let's see more of those photos and resulting studies on here.

  2. Hey Phil,

    Thanks for the advice feedback, will have a go at making the thumbnails and not make it look soft. :D

    Hey Nat! no I grew them...¬_¬
    haha only joking! Yeah I did make them, just getting to know the light/shades idea of it. ^_^

  3. ah, so you're into growing mushrooms :D hahahaha

  4. yup plasticine versions especially, takes less than four hours to grow and doesnt feed on water but cardboard- how amazing is that?! comes in different colours as well like the bright buttercup yellow to bogey green!! mmm!! haha XD

  5. Got some shrooms?? Haha jokes, nice to see you experimenting with textures. Hope those ones I gave you are of use, lemme know if you need anymore photoshop advice :)