Sunday, 13 November 2011

Unit 2: Space- AJttCotE: mushroom forest plasticine model

With plasticine and mistakenly bought tub of play doh, I've made a model of the mushroom forest based on my photoshop image thumbnail version. This took quite some time to make though was glad to find that the plasticine box came with a kids shape cutters, rolling pin and a sculpting knife and that both materials were enough to make a "mini" model of them.
I tried to remake the slightly worms eye view on the camera but was a bit difficult. I've also tried experimenting of where the light should hit, like directly on top of the mushrooms or slightly form the side, but only concentrated that the light should be coming from the right. Though I tried to recreate the colours based on my photoshop image but later ran out and so that is how a yellow mushroom can be seen at the far back.


  1. Sorry Joey - just saw these (I went directly to the top post - so please ignore me saying 'get more mushroom photos on your blog' -doh! :(

  2. You know - I think the less directed lighting - with more fill lighting, as in photos 4 and 5 are promising, as they pick up on the translucency of the mushroom flesh - and maybe it's that quality that's missing from your painting technique now - a sense that these shrooms hold the light?

  3. Hi Phil,

    haha no worries! Thanks for the feedback advice, will focus on photos 4 and 5 to create the thumbnails now! ^_^

  4. Love these, I may have to dabble with this methodolgy at some point... Certainly an effective way of visualising a concept. No pointers, looks great, is great, GJ!!!