Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Unit 2: Space- AJttCotE: Influence maps updated

Here are the influence maps that I am going to focus on in making my final outcomes, I've decided to base the style on Indiana Jones and Alice in Wonderland. I'm going to use the colour codes as shown on my influence map for caves, land of mushrooms, shores etc.

Here's Extract 1's Main influence map:

Here's Extract 2's main influence map:

Here's Extract 3's main influence map:

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  1. Happy to see this Joe, Much simpler then all the other influence maps before it. Now best thing to do (and I do this) print all 4 of them out and stick them on a wall or table near your laptop.

    Everytime you need a visual guidline use it. I nearly ripped the wallpaper off of my wall in making Waldepeer.

    References are a good guide for a visual deadend.