Thursday, 24 November 2011

Extract 2: Forest of Mushrooms Final Concept art

Final Concept Art
 Here is my final concept art for Extract 2's The Forest of Mushrooms. Personally this was a hard piece to come up with as a forest is shrouded and showing space in this seemed difficult for me. After many tryouts, I have managed to successfully come up with this idea and develop this by using different brushes as well as getting the general idea of lighting from the plasticine mushrooms experiment. Development on this image are on the grass lighting as well as rock surfaces and cliff faces and added a figure in to again, show the scale and depth of these mushrooms. Overall I'm very happy with the result!! ^_^

Perspective- green line for the hill

Grey scale

Adding details and background colour

Adding more colours and details

The mushroom lighting experiment
Mushroom lighting experiment.

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