Sunday, 20 November 2011

Feedback plz!! Unit 2: Space- AJttCotE: Extract 1 photoshop thumb update

Added blue tint around the cave

Taking on the advice feedback from Nat, I've tried to add in some blue tints around the darker rocks and on the right of the rock cliff as well as the far end of the lava path as a way of showing cold temperatures within the cave as well as hot lava. So far, adding these looks well but I'm not sure to keep the blue on the right as it seems to have made the look smaller. Help and feedback would be much loved at this panicky time!! ^_^

with blue tint behind the stalactites

Update: added blue tint on the darker rocks and on the right of the cave

added blue tint at the back of the cave

original- without the blue tints

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  1. Hey Joey,

    I think this scene is working nicely - and the blue tint does help sell that area of the composition as 'a hole' with a recession beyond - but I think you may need to be bolder - If this was an actually set, the first thing I'd do would be to light the surface of that outcrop (right, foreground) with a big blue spot light - as if it was being lit from an 'off-screen' naturally occurring skylight or similar - if you put it on a new layer, you could be really bold, and then tweak as necessary - see Phil tomorrow, as I'm sure he'll be excited to see this, and will be able to advise you - but don't panic, Joey - have more confidence in your own decision making! :)