Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Life Drawing Class: week 11

Week 11 of Life Drawing Class, focusing on tones using charcoal. As usual to warm things up we did 2 min sketches using charcoal.
2 min sketches
Later, we did more drawings of the model using charcoal only the challenge was to avoid using lines to draw in the details and just focus on using tone from the start. At first I couldn't grasp this quite well as I found it hard to picture the image right and the judgement of proportions.

Again, using the same method, I've tried to have a go at avoiding the lines but somehow without knowing, I ended up drawing lines again!

Starting to get the hang of this- slightly! I've managed to start things off using tones and then lean heavy on the charcoal to create the dark shades and add some slight greys around the model to contrast the dark and light. At first the bench was much larger which without even realising, made the model looked like a mini display figurine. So changing this mistake, I've managed to resize the bench though you can still see its "previous state" beneath the bench. I find that this image is quite successful though.

 We did more drawings on this, with charcoal and tones. Though this time, the model has his back to us with a split black and white background which we were to use this to help us focus on the tones. This worked quite well for me but I realised that the image drawn had its lower proportions wrong.

With only 30mins to go, we did the same things again, only with the model posing behind the door. I felt that this piece worked well for me as I'm beginning to get the hang of this method and the tones.

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