Thursday, 24 November 2011

Extract 1: The Caves Final Concept art

The Cave Final Concept Art
 Here is the final concept art for Extract 1's The Caves. I am extremely happy with this result as I felt that this is the image that I've developed on the most.At first the image is all red but after forgetting that the extract mentions cold and hot temperatures in one place I felt that I should develop on this to show both temperatures in one image. This worked well using blue lighting to represent the cold and let the viewer to decide where it comes from and such. I am really happy the way the lava turned out, using the brushes and adding emboss effects on the rocks floating in the lava. I've also added some steam/smoke/mist into the image to depict the hotness of the area. Overall I am really happy with this turnout!! ^_^

Using perspective

Grey scale
Adding the lava and textures...
Then adding the blue tints, stalactites and details

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