Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Life Drawing Class: Week 9

 To start things for today, we've did the usual 2 mins warm up sketches of the male model with a football doing different poses. As Tutor Chris says, they're mostly dynamic action poses and we should reflect this on our sketches. I'm not exactly sure how to show this but I've quickly drew these up and went rapid on the shadings.
Later, we've did a "lost count of time" of the model sitting around with props that ran on through the rest of the day. Again like last time, we have to draw negative space whilst drawing the model in the image. This sounded real confusing to me as drawing body proportions and negative space are quite like opposites? So I've tried to do a bit of both with objects in front and at the background mostly in negative shape form and as for the model in proportions. At first, the head was too small and ended up the legs being too big but with some slight few changes it went well.

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