Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Unit 2: Space- AJttCotE: Thumbnails 6

Thought I should have a go at drawing some thumbnails on Photoshop rather than drawing, then scan then fill them with Photoshop. This one is for the second extract with the land of mushrooms, I’m quite happy with the result as I’ve tried to reduce the brightness of the mushrooms and decided to add some greenery around them to make it look more natural. Though I can’t quite decide which side looks best between flipping them as both to me looks good. ^_^

 original perspective idea

stage 1

stage 2- flip horizontal

stage 3- change rock position

stage 4- adding colour

 adding some greens and finish?

or flip horizontal and finish?

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  1. Again I think I will reiterate my previous statement, the mushrooms are a little overpowering. You need to diminish the colour on them making them mid tones so you can incorporate shadows and highlights.

    With no mid-tones you are dead in the water, had to find that out the hard way. If you go bright too early you never achieve great depth.

    Try it on one mushroom, just add a medium pitched red like a dull pink and then select a slightly lighter/brighter red and put it on one side, then get a darker red and bury it on the other side. Finally get a white and embross the edge of your brighter red so it has a bit of a shine... see what you think.

    If it works you can apply the same principle to the water (which works amazing for sunlight illumination :)

    Give it a go :P