Thursday, 17 November 2011

Unit 2: Space- AJttCotE: Shore and mushroom forest thumbs

More thumbnails focussing on Extract 2 and 3. Though I felt that when doing these, there is repitition going within the thumbnails and so I've also got some advice from TutorPhil about how things should be seen as large and from different perspectives, so more thumbnails coming up next!! ^_^  But before, I felt that when doing extract 2's thumbnails, there is some sort of repitition of the tunnel idea and the mushrooms being in a shrouded area. So to try and show space, I've experimented with the perceptions and the placement of the mushrooms.

Then I've did some extract 3 thumbnails, again in different perspectives and placements of objects. However I did realised that every thumbnail that I've drawn for extract 3, all the dinosaur bones on the ground are small rather being large. This is a habit that needs changed for the upcoming last few thumbnails. I've also thought about shuold the shore be shown inside a cavern/ cave or out in the open air but felt it'll look better with the coloured sunset in the open air.


  1. For your info:

  2. From your extract 2 thumbs 6 & 9 are pretty good contenders... I'd like to see where these go... 14 of your second image is probably my most favourite it looks like a vortex. Interesting perspective I have to say.... Nice work :)