Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Unit 2: Space- AJttCotE: more mushroom forest thmbs

Fig 1: no light

More thumbnail and photoshop practice on the mushroom forest designs. Focusing on the lighting and where the light touches, I've decided to add some light rays to show the directional light coming from the right. Fig 1 just shows the image without light added but the results of it looks dull, Fig 2 has a single layer of light, giving the image some bit of lighter colour. At this point, I find that Fig 3 looks over the top with the light rays but comparing to Fig 2, it doesn't contain as much bright rays than its later version. At the moment, I've added some colours onto the image as shown in Fig 4 but does not contain any directional light yet.
Fig 2: some light added

Fig 3: few more light rays added

Fig 4: colours added but no lights


  1. Fig 3 is beginning to spark, Joey - I'm wondering though if that very solid wall at the back of the picture isn't cramping your world a bit?

  2. Hi Phil,

    I've just seen the group blog that I'm on the Post with the most again!! Yay!! ^_^

    At first with this thumb I was thinking of going for the "the end of the tunnel" style before going to the solid wall but it just looks odd? I'm not sure how to show space for these mushroom forest as I keep thinkin that they're shrouded together since theyre a forest?

  3. I agree with Phil fig 3 is on the money get those lights back in for fig 4 they make it pop :) nice