Saturday, 19 November 2011

Unit 2: Space- AJttCotE: Extract 1 photoshop thumb

without smoke
added smoke
Working on a thumbnail that I've did previously onto Photoshop in class yesterday, I was able to come up with this image. I was really happy the way it turned out especailly the rocks at the bottom right as I'd spent more time in recreating the look and effect. Originally I had a white spot at the end of the lava trail but this was changed as there is no sunlight or other light sources except the lava itself.

 To make it look like its in a cave, I've added some smoke to create the effect of extreme hot lava. But this creates a faded colour to the image and blocks out most detail. Another problem is that the whole cave is red, but I'd then I've forgotton about the whole hot/cold in one place idea. This I'm not sure whether to drop the idea or not as it is interesting to have both temperatures in one area or that it is more interesting and important to focus on one instead. 

Added blue tint but without smoke
So I've added some blue tint at the end of the cave to show the path and the cold areas. But I don't think this works well as the heat of the lava is more hotter and so reaching to the cold area should be a slightly different colour.

Added blue colours at back with smoke



  1. What would it look like if you put the colder colour on the darker sections of the rock. Where it would be coming from is another question but have you tested the look?

  2. These look great Joey. :D. Look forward to seeing the final concepts :D

  3. Thanks everyone!! I've updated this on the next post, so would yous mind if I can have some feedback on the new post plz? :D I'm still not sure which image should be the final image to work on- this one or the "one that haas a far tunnel at the end" image?:S