Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Unit 2: Space- AJttCotE: the shore thumbs

Had another practice at Photoshop only this time creating another thumbnail for the Extract 3's shore. This is a bit complicated as the book goes in the lines of the characters going back to where they'd ended up in Extract 2 only from a different perspective. It also mentions a dinosaur graveyard being there but the rest is that they're (the characters) are along the shores. Using this information, I've created another thumbnail for this. At the moment I've only added some textures to the cliffs and some colours to the background as part of an experiment. So far the background colour looks well but I've still need to work on the textures so that they blend in as a cliff. I've also added some dinosaur bones as the extract mentions mostly T-rex and mastodon's skeletons.
Textures and background colours added

Greyscale version


  1. I'm loving all the digital thumbnails! The colours are bold, especially love the purple -definitely a signature colour of yours! The idea behind the plasticine was genius! :) Well done Joey!!

  2. Aw thank you!! :) but it was really TutorPhil's idea to help me get a better idea of lighting!! haha you've guessed that right on the purples!! have to change signature colour now you've found me out!! haha ojoj ;D

  3. This is a good start at building depth with colour. You may want to note other colours for example... Purple doesn't go directly to orange... You have a green bridging the orange to the purple and the purple bridging to the blue...

    The blue is your darkest, red is your lightest

    This is the order: blue, purple, orange, yellow, red.

    Example: my dunes had blue where the shade was and red on the edges what should I put between them? Orange & then green... Purple is a factor of situation and isn't always required...

    Regardless it's nice to see you identifying your colour values :)

  4. Whoops forgot green...

    Blue, purple, green, orange, yellow & red....